The Point

For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out something that should be quite easy to figure out. I’ve been trying to figure out the point. The point of all this. The point of being here. The point of life. And I think I’ve come up with an answer that kind of works, at least for now.

I first started this mental exercise thinking about what matters. And my conclusion was that pretty much nothing matters. You could be a millionaire living in America and giving tons of money to various charitable organizations and at the end of the day you feel good about yourself. But how much have you actually done? Did it really matter? To some people it did matter, you might have given some kid halfway across the world something to eat for dinner and that’s great. But does it matter? What about the kid that lives in the town next to you that is struggling. Who are you really doing it for? You or the kid who received a portion of your donation?

Now without being too pessimistic, it does matter, but only to a certain extent. It may matter to you and the person receiving the benefits and probably to the organization as well, but what about the rest of the billions of people on the Earth? All of whom had no idea that this even happened, and mostly all of whom don’t even know you exist? What does it matter to them?

What more is there to life then a bunch of insignificant moments that make you and a select few others feel good for a short while? After all, we are all just waiting our turn to die a most certain and sometimes unexpected death. So what more is there?

Well, there is a lot more, or at least that’s what I’m hoping. There has to be, otherwise what would be the point? What would be the purpose of all this?

So after a few weeks of pondering this, here is what I have come up with. Life is inherently a beautiful thing. To be able to live is – in and of itself – worth living for. It’s very easy to end a life, or throw it away, yet not that difficult to live a meaningful and fulfilling one. The key to this is living in the moment, living in the now because that is the only thing you can control. After all, the past is only but a memory arising in the present and the future is just another thought arising in the present. Living in the present is how to live a life worth living. If you continually try to be happy in the future, the future will never arrive and you will be living for a moment that is out of your reach when you could be living for the moment that you have. If you live in the past you will become but a shell of your former self; always trying to make up for lost time. Live in the now and somehow you might just be able to find happiness.